Treat yourself to some Achro-Swag!   BUY HERE!

Achro-Mandala T-Shirt $20

The original Mayan-calendar inspired Achromatics logo designed by Jay Tripper printed on a comfy heather (dark) grey ATC (Authentic T-Shirt Company) Tee. 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester.  Both Women’s and Men’s cuts available and ranging from XS-XL size.

Could a T-Shirt modeling gallery BE more endearing? That’s right, support your new favourite band.

Limited Edition Compact Disc $15

That’s a fancy way of saying there’s a finite amount of our little babies and we hope you get yours! Each CD is signed by the band and comes with a free Achro-sticker!


T-Shirt and CD combo $30

If McDonald’s knows anything, it’s that combos are delicious and people wanna buy ’em! Get an Achro-Mandala T-Shirt AND a Limited Edition Comp… (yadayadayada). Also, THIS combo is fat-free!