Apr 18. 2018
Folk Roots Radio – Episode 375: The LYNNeS & New Releases

“On this episode we play “Lover’s Prayer” from their new album “Give Me That Beat” (2017, Self). Catch them live if you get a chance – they have a great stage show.”

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Feb 2. 2018
!Earshot – CFBX 92.5FM – Kamloops Jazz

Our self released album ‘Give Me That Beat’ is #3 on their charts!  See the full list here


Jan 15. 2018
Jazz Weekly – The Achromatics: Give Me That Beat review by George W. Harris

“Big and bold horns are served on this dance-fested release”

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Jan 7. 2018
IX Daily – Listen | Superband The Achromatics Release Dazzling Album Files With Latin Rhythms and a Ferocious Horn Section

“Something you truly want to experience live more than anything else, and then relive it countlessly at home, listening to their album on repeat as you let go of all your worries and swing side to side until your hips give out. ”

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Jan 4. 2018
Canadian Beats – Review – The Achromatics by Lizzie Sharpe

A review of Give Me That Beat on  Here is a quote describing Alien from a Strange Nation.

“I played this song over and over, each time catching new things loving it more after each listen. This is my favourite song from the album and will be adding it to playlist to enjoy for a long time.”

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Dec 18. 2017
DJ Paul Corby blogspot – The Best And Most Refreshing Music of 2017 by Paul Corby

The Achromatics debut album made Paul Corby’s Best and Most Refreshing Music of 2017 list.  For the full list click here.

Nov 30. 2017
Radio Crystal Blue – RCBnew by Dan Herman

Chameleon was featured on their broadcast on Nov 30.

“They are a truly Canadian band and have a fantastic sound”

For a recording of the show click here.

Nov 29. 2017
Canadian Beats Media – Five Questions With The Achromatics by Jenna Melanson

“Our live performances are a high-energy, choreographed spectacle, complete with really vibrant outfits, so every show is made to engage your ears, eyes, and body – just try not to dance!”

Full article here

Nov 29. 2017
FYI Music news – Music New Digest, Nov 29, 2017 by FYI Staff

The Achromatics are a nine‐person Toronto-based group with a sound that fuses Motown, funk and Latin elements, driven by an all-female horn section. They launch the appropriately-entitled debut album Give Me That Beat at Hugh’s Room Live tonight (Wed. 29), and also play Toronto’s Supermarket on Dec. 7. ”

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Nov 29. 2017 – The Achromatics shines on wide spectrum of sound on new release by Beverly Kreller, Speak Music

“A unique addition to the album, “Moctezuma” opens with tribal rhythms and Aztec flutes, then shifts into a funky conga/bass/Fender Rhodes workout, and provides the album’s only synthesizer solo. The song offers a look into Moctezuma II’s heart as he learns that the first conquistadors are heading to his kingdom of Tenochtitlan.”

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Nov 28. 2017
Cashbox Magazine Canada – BTW – Kayla Diamond, Phantom Phunk, The Achromatics, Chad VanGaalen, Sarah Hiltz, Julian Taylor Band, Yukon Blonde, Sin City Boys, Riverdale Share by Lenny Stoute

“The title track provides lease-breaking party music to make you get up, dance, and release your inhibitions. Sung by Shannon Graham, this is one that would go great on a playlist next to Stevie Wonder or Jamiroquai, with disco drums, propulsive bass, and punchy brass to keep your feet on the go. If you want to salsa dance, “Alien From A Strange Nation” is the one for you, with a lyrical reminder that we’re all foreigners or immigrants in some way. Sounds like poster kids for T.Dot musical diversity and there’s lots more on the album in the way of sonic variety to cement that claim.”

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Nov 24. 2017
Corby’s Orbit – Interview with Chelsea hosted by Paul Corby on Mixcloud
Full interview here at time stamp 1:31:32

Nov 24. 2017
Hubpages – The Achromatics: Canadian Independent Bands Profiled by Karl Magi
An in depth interview with Shannon on the development of The Achromatics and their debut album Give Me That Beat.

Nov 23. 2017
!Earshot – CHRW 94.9 – London Top 30
Album Give Me That Beat ranked #22 on the London Top 30

Nov 13. 2017
Ride the Tempo – Listen by Mark Anthony Brennan
Re: Dangerous Game preview from Give Me That Beat”

“The Achromatics’ album ‘Give Me That Beat’ drops Nov. 24th but you can get a sneak peek right here. And what a peek it is, with a slinky modern soul pop tune laced with spicy, funky latin flavours. That is until midway though when things go all-world in a cacophony of glorious sounds.”

Original blog here

Nov 4, 2017
Newstalk 1010
Interview with Matt and Chelsea talking about the upcoming release of Give Me That Beat.

Nov 3, 2017
Cal Koat
Re: Album Cover Of The Week

“Consider the unusual plight of this stand-up chameleon; unable to blend in with the muted hues of his background because he’s achromatic. There’s nothing black & white about Give Me That Beat from this TO-area 9-piece who are on a musical mission to be danceably accessible to all. Lots of funk, Latin and the sweetest backup vocal chorus I’ve heard in some time … front-loaded for your listening pleasure. The opener Let it Play will make you want to do just that.”

July, 2017
The Spill Magazine by Susana Meza
Re: show at Sounds of Leslieville (Beaches Jazz)

“The Achromatics followed with an eclectic set, featuring interesting covers such as The Spice Girls’ ‘‘Stop’‘ and ‘‘Turn the Beat Around’‘ which is a disco era song first performed by Vicki Sue Robinson and brought back to popularity decades later by Cuban superstar Gloria Estefan. The Achromatics got political with an anti colonialism song about Montezuma which featured a chilling introduction of flute and percussion and keyboards reminiscent of the late Ray Manzarek of The Doors. The Achromatics are releasing an album this fall and played several originals, showing that this band has a very promising future and I am eager to keep warm this fall with their hot music once their album is launched.”

Original article here