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Earth, Wind & Fire meets Enrique Iglesias.

The Supremes meet Carlos Santana.

What happens when you combine a powerful female horn section, Motown-style vocals, a Latin-influenced rhythm section and a Top-40-calibre stage show? The Achromatics.

The Achromatics have become infamous for their shiny, superhero uniforms. But what crime do they think they’re fighting? The general public’s apathy towards NEW, ORIGINAL, LIVE music.

The Achromatics embody the very point of the live music experience. There’s no reason to go to a show, if you could have the same experience listening to a recording. There’s no point in checking out new music if it’s not trying to speak to you and engage you.


The music is 50% retro pop/funk and 50% modern Latin, but at the same time! They are professional entertainers: after an Achro-show the audience has laughed, sang (yes sang along to original music), got on their feet, danced, and possibly even touched the hand of the person standing next to them. The Achromatics are making the streets a groovier place.


The Achromatics have dazzled audiences throughout Ontario on two summer tours in 2018 and 2017. Notable stops on these tours include The Beaches International Jazz Festival, Indie Fridays at Dundas Square Toronto, Canada’s Largest Ribfest, and headlining Northern Vibe Festival and Belmont Village Bestival. Their debut record, Give Me That Beat was released internationally on November 24, 2017 and has been welcomed by radio stations and journalists as an exciting new contribution to the Canadian music scene. The record features “Dangerous Game” and “Wake Up”, both nominated for a 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award in the World Music category.

TIMAThe Achromatics are the superhero band to make your audience fall in love with live music again.

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“They move effortlessly between R&B, Blues, Soul, Pop, tasty Funk, Jazz and Latin/world styles.” – Beverly Kreller, SPEAK Music.

“Big and bold horns are  served on this dance-fested release where the salsa is picante” -George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly.

Achrochicas 2“There’s nothing black & white about Give Me That Beat from this TO-area 9-piece who are on a musical mission to be danceably accessible to all. Lots of funk, Latin and the sweetest backup vocal chorus I’ve heard in some time” – Cal Koat, Album Cover of the Week.

The Achromatics are an exciting, high-energy band that delivers a perfect combination of Latin/funk-based grooves and catchy pop hooks.  The lead vocals are dynamic and the solid rhythm section backs an impressive female horn section of accomplished instrumentalists who deliver pitch-perfect harmony vocals.  The writing is strong, as is the message.  This is a fun group whose future is very bright.” – Will Jarvis, Bassist, Composer and Educator at Humber College.

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Studio photos by Andrew McCready at MCC Audio & Photography